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We are a specialized medical billing company dedicated to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. We specialize in Breast Reconstruction Surgery, Hand Surgery, Craniofacial Surgery Claims and much more. We offer custom services to meet the demands of proper insurance and patient reimbursement.

With our knowledge, experience and continuing education, our goal is to give you peace of mind in dealing with the insurance aspect of the practice. Thus letting you focus on building the aesthetic side of your practice, while prioritizing patient care.


Claim reimbursement accuracy after initial submission.

Eliminate your revenue worries. We work tirelessly, not only to find and resolve issues, but to make lost revenue a thing of the past.

Revenue Cycle Management

Streamlining practice revenue from the first medical encounter to final payment including medical billing, data analytics, education, and compliance.

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Practice Analysis

We identify the pain areas in your billing department, spot potential revenue leakage and work with you to pinpoint the cause.

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Authorizations & Predetermination Services

An effective authorization management process will impact every aspect of your revenue cycle almost immediately.

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Patient Accounts Management

We excel in patient communication by providing patients with clear, concise information about what their out of pocket responsibility is and why.

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Medical Billing and Coding

Prevent coding errors and ensure proper billing with current medical coding guidelines to help you receive faster payments while conserving patient satisfaction.

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Reducing the number of errors that cause your denials by identifying and correcting the most common causes.

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