At Prestige Billing, we provide your Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery practice only the very best resources to ensure that your revenue cycle is running at an optimal level. We are a professional medical billing company that specializes in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, which means that we have both a thorough understanding of the medical industry, as well as the specific experience that allows us to understand your practice intuitively. We provide a range of resources from practice analysis to patient account analysis to revenue cycle management and more. We aim to help your practice run as securely and seamlessly as possible.

Our experience in the field and team of seasoned professionals will help you obtain full, timely payment from all of your third-party payers, as well as satisfy your patient’s accounts. Whether you need help with boosting your front desk services, or spotting any current and potential revenue leakage, Prestige Billing can offer you the resources you need to optimize the way that your practice runs. Take a look at the list of resources that we offer our clients, and you’ll understand why Prestige Billing has built a name for ourselves in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.