When it comes to proper reimbursement for healthcare services, accurate coding is an absolute necessity. You want to ensure that all of your services are logged and coded correctly for the claims that you submit to insurance companies. Prestige Billing offers your Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery practice secure, seamless, and accurate ICD and CPT coding to ensure that you get the reimbursement that your practice deserves.

About Our ICD and CPT Coding Services

We provide ICD and CPT coding for your Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery practice that utilizes only the best tools in the field. From our AAPC-certified coders to our cutting-edge technology, we will help you direct every aspect of the coding process and streamline and optimize your revenue cycle. Our services are HIPAA-compliant and customized to each of our clients and their specific needs.

When it comes to coding, it is essential that you engage a service that can provide thorough, fast, and efficient work. You also want a service that understands the nuances of your industry so that they can provide specific coding and enhance the overall running of your practice. At Prestige Billing, we provide ICD and CPT coding services that are contoured to the plastic and reconstructive surgery field, so that you can enjoy working with coders who understand you and your practice intuitively.

Why are ICD and CPT Coding Services Important for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons?

We offer ICD and CPT coding services that are appropriate for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Practices. Our systems make use of specific codes that can best and most accurately capture the care that is provided to each patient. Managing this helps plastic and reconstructive surgeons keep abreast of the care that each patient receives, which can help with everything from patient management, to the payment process, to reimbursement.

Why Choose Prestige Billing’s ICD and CPT Coding Services?

We have an extensive portfolio of successful and lauded work with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical practitioners across the country. At Prestige Billing, we understand that your patient’s experience doesn’t begin in the surgery room or even when they first step into your premises – it begins when they pick up the phone or get online to drop your front desk team an inquiry.

We are guided by the ethos that every step of your patient’s journey matters – in ensuring your patient’s satisfaction, and in helping you track their interactions so that everything from the initial moment of contact to the final payment goes by effortlessly. We make use of cutting-edge technology, as well as premium educational and analytical resources, to help you streamline and optimize your payment processes as much as possible.

Part of this process is providing stellar ICD and CPT coding services that ensure that you get the healthcare reimbursements that you deserve. When you work with us, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your practice is in experienced, capable hands that understand the intricacies of not just the medical world, but the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.