Prestige Billing specializes in medical billing services for plastic and reconstructive surgery practices. Through the extensive industry skills and resources that our team is equipped with, we are able to help your practice obtain full and timely payment from third-party payers. Satisfying patient accounts has never been easier than with our professional revenue cycle management services. Get in touch with us today to work with our team to fulfill the specific needs of your practice. We can develop a custom solution that addresses the exact requirements of your medical practice.

We Serve Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Practices

At Prestige Billing, we offer a full range of customized billing solutions to plastic and reconstructive surgeons. By outsourcing your medical billing and patient accounts to Prestige Billing, we help you ease the daily clerical and administrative workload of your practice so you can focus on servicing your patients and bettering your setup. Our team is well equipped with the latest industry expertise and resources to process and submit claims and perform follow-ups on delinquent accounts.

  • Healthcare

The three basic types of billing systems in the healthcare industry are open, closed, and isolated. They make up part of a large administrative infrastructure that comprises patient accounts, billing, payments, and claims. With a full range of medical billing services from Prestige Billing, you can have full confidence that the revenue workflow of your practice will be in capable hands to support your daily operations without disruptions.

  • Physicians

Physicians are medical practitioners or doctors who are professionals in the healthcare sector. Each one may specialize in a different field, offering various types of treatments for the promotion and maintenance of health and other aspects of the human body. Prestige Billing provides professional billing services to help physicians get reimbursement for the medical services they have provided to their patients.

  • Small Practices

Small medical practices are considered independent practices. Small practices often operate with two or more physicians, offering a certain kind of care to separate patients. By outsourcing patient accounts and billing to Prestige Billing, we can help your small practice eliminate or substantially lower errors related to billing. We have the necessary hardware and software to prevent coding errors or inaccurate information in the claim process before claims are submitted to insurance companies.

Why Choose Prestige Billing for Your Medical Billing Needs?

Through a custom solution, Prestige Billing provides you access to the industry’s leading services that are designed specifically for the plastic and reconstructive surgery sector. Our team has been in the business for many years and our excellence is a result of consistent effort and teamwork put in since day one. Offering you with complete billing services in a thorough and efficient manner, every billing and claims process will be executed up to your expectations, fulfilling the exact needs of your practice.

Reach out to us to find out more about who we serve by submitting an online request and we will get back to you shortly.